In Action 2007

Our highlights from 2007 include:

  • UK gets Taste of Sustainability. The Message Hub deliver the Taste of Sustainability media briefing for their client the Rainforest Alliance. Resulting press coverage includes the Guardian 5 October 2007 and other titles.
  • Reforming the EU budget to tackle climate threats.  Stuart co-authors a report on behalf of the Environmental Think Tank and The Message Hub client Green Alliance entitled Investing in our future: a European budget for climate security.  The report sets out how the EU budget needs to be reformed if Europe is going truly tackle the threats posed by climate change.
  • Dialogue brings UK Government and NGOS ahead of Bali climate talks.  Stuart chairs a one day dialogue session between senior government officials and leading UK environmental NGOs. Representing The Message Hub client Green Alliance, he brought together these two groups of leading thinkers in the field of climate change to discuss the UK negotiating position in advance of the global climate change conference in Bali in December. The meeting took place amongst the grandeur of the Indian Office Council Chamber at the FCO
  • The Message Hub wins WWF-UK campaign contract.  Stuart has been appointed by WWF-UK to develop their campaign against the role of the UK Government’s Export Credits Guarantee Department in underwriting environmentally destructive developments around the world. The campaign is calling on the UK Government to stop funding the Sakhalin oil development through this department.
  • Plan plans European lobbying strategy.  Stuart has been appointed by Plan International to lead the development of the international children’s agency’s European lobbying strategy for the coming year.
  • The Message Hub is born. Anita Neville, Stuart and Mary Singleton-White – a band of 3 intrepid freelancers with complementary skills and a focus on things environmental and ethical – have come together to form a communications partnership. The Message Hub aims to operate as a sustainably oriented communications hub, drawing in talented communications professionals to meet the needs of a diverse range of clients from the corporate, NGO and government sectors. Already The Message Hub runs the UK and European Communications Teams for internationally recognised eNGO the Rainforest Alliance as well as campaign development roles with WWF-UK and work with green think tank the Green Alliance.